Kathryn Hahn

Bridesmaids” aside, the post-Apatow comedic revolution has been kinder to the men than it has to the women. But one of the exceptions to the rule is Kathryn Hahn, who first came to fame on TV’s “Crossing Jordan,” but has been stealing comedy roles since “Anchorman” in 2004. Hahn was one of the more memorable news team members in the film (fingers crossed she gets an expanded role in the upcoming sequel), and was even better as Adam Scott‘s over-sexed wife in “Step Brothers.” She’s also paid her rom-com dues in films like “A Lot Like Love” and “The Holiday,” and only earlier this year was stealing scenes in David Wain‘s ‘Wanderlust” and on “Parks and Recreation.” But there’s a lot more to her than funny bones, and she was impressive in a small role in Sam Mendes “Revolutionary Road,” and gave a great recurring performance in the first season of “Girls.” It’s not that she hasn’t had proper showcases in the past. She starred in short-lived sitcom “Free Agents,” and James L. Brooks gave her a good-sized role in the botched “How Do You Know?,” but they’ve never quite landed. There’s more on the way, most notably “We’re The Millers“ and “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty“ in 2013, but again, a canny indie filmmaker could end up storming the festival circuit by writing a role to her real strengths.

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